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Calendar for March

Calendar for March

Yeah it’s kind slow up here today

Yeah it’s kind slow up here today

Shit is gonna change in 2014, or How to put too much pressure on yourself

Have you ever heard how Jerry Seinfield stays productive? 

Its called don’t break the chain. The basic premise is that you pick a few simple tasks that you want to accomplish each day and just do them. After each day you cross out the day and try and keep the chain going for as long as you possibly can. Taking into account holidays, vacations, and sick days. It seems like a super simple way to make some change for myself this year. 

I would also like to admit that I got the idea for this from a lifehacker article from like 4 years ago that I randomly remember today

I’m going to try and keep it as simple as possible. I’ve got 4 things that I really want to be part of my everyday routine. 

  1. I want to exercise again. Nothing crazy but at least do 30 min of something a day. Jogging, push ups, crunches, really anything would be better that what I am doing right now. I feel a spare tire slowly growing and I want to put an end to that before I turn 30.
  2. Clean around the house, at least for 10 min a day. I feel like I’ve gotten a little sloppy in the past few years and I just want to change that. Put something up, pick up the dirty laundry, declutter my den. That kind of stuff.
  3. I miss writing. So I am going to write something similar to this everyday. What ever stupid random thoughts pop into my head, journal of what happened in my day, reviews of dumb comics and video games I’m playing. Pretty much whatever I feel like that day.
  4. I want to eat breakfast. That one is probably going to be the easiest and least entertaining.

I just want to try something different this year, and hopefully my writing will get better. At least to the point where you can tell I received a college education. Depending on how the first month of this goes I might add to it, but for now 4 things is good enough for me.

Also I’m not going to proof read this at all before I post it. I’m living on the EDGE!

Here is my favorite panel of Hawkeye, because Hawkeye

Wally is pretty good at selfies

Wally is pretty good at selfies


Once again..




I spent a long time just being guarded and cautiously optimistic about this movie, and I’m trying my best to maintain some of that because, as anyone who knows me knows, Superman.. this dude.. this my dude.

I have so many good and bad life experiences and emotions tied up in this character.

I know this is silly, but this dude means the world to me.

You don’t have enough time to listen to how long it would take for my heart to sing it’s full song to Superman.

Again, I know I am a ridiculous person, but I’ve lived a ridiculous life, and this is who I am.

I don’t know if there’s any more defining fact about me than the fact that I love Superman.

You know that scene in All Star Superman where Lex Luthor finally sees everything the way Superman sees it, and finally understands how beautiful it all is and we all are?

That’s how I see Superman.

Not just what he is or what he’s been, but everything he represents to me and everyone else who loves him, as well as everything he’s capable of being as a character and a symbol and an ideal.

If I had my wish, one day I’d be able to make everyone the world over see Superman the way I do.

I’ve been drawing Superman since I was old enough to hold a crayon, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to draw a picture of him that does him the justice I think he deserves, so occasionally I have to go on these over-emotional rants because I don’t know what else to do, and I have to keep trying to make people understand why I think he’s so great.

I owe it to him.

I owe it to him, but even more than that, he deserves it.

So, I want this movie to be every bit the incredible, moving, funny, epic adventure that a movie about Superman should be.

More truthfully, I hope it will be.

Because the marketing is right, I see that S and it does what it always does: It gives me hope.


Its going to destroy me if this movie isn’t good.

My beer travel to the future from the 50’s

My beer travel to the future from the 50’s

That’s way too much ecig crap for one night at the bar

That’s way too much ecig crap for one night at the bar

My Corgi Wally is bravely guarding me from the rain tonight.  (Taken with Instagram at My Loft)

My Corgi Wally is bravely guarding me from the rain tonight. (Taken with Instagram at My Loft)

It’s about damn time (Taken with Instagram)

It’s about damn time (Taken with Instagram)